PicsToPrint For A Beautiful, Unique, And Inexpensive Wedding #2

Part 2: During And After The Ceremony

Part 1 of this post discussed how an engaged couple and their friends and family are using PicsToPrint photo software to create memorable wedding announcements, invitations, and gifts during the important period of time leading up to the wedding ceremony. In part 2, we’ll share some ideas for how to use digital photography and PicsToPrint to create unique gifts and artwork during and after the ceremony.

On the wedding day:
A traditional wedding ceremony comes with tons of items to have professionally designed and printed. The program, the menu, the escort cards and place cards are all ways that PicsToPrint can save wedding planning time and money, and be consistently designed in keeping with the wedding theme, style, and colors.

For the couple:
Traditional wedding photos capture the wedding party and the bride and groom, but not the experience of the wedding itself. A fun idea is to ask guests to take candid photos during the wedding and reception, capturing moments that the bride and groom may have missed. Afterward, these fun and playful photos can be combined using PicsToPrint into a unique scrapbook with well-wishes and blessings, and given to the couple as a keepsake and partner piece to their professional wedding photos.

On the wedding day:
Consider using PicsToPrint to create a large-format collage for an interesting alternative to a traditional wedding guestbook. The couple can make a large format collage of all the guests and ask them to find and sign their own photos when they arrive; it might be fun to use baby photos and make it more challenging. The finished collage will be attractive to display, and more memorable than flipping through a guest book.
Another couple used PicsToPrint to create a large-format collage for display at their weddin. They used photos that reflected the two different life journeys that brought them together, showing where each of them were during different years and including parallel experiences until combining on their wedding day. It was a beautiful way to share their love story with guests.

After the ceremony:
PicsToPrint makes short work of creating beautiful and personal thank-you cards.
And honeymoon photos can be preserved and shared in a beautiful photo memory book, made easy and unique using PicsToPrint photo book software for labs to create a lasting keepsake.

There are so many options available in this versatile software that there is no limit to your creative expression. These are just a few of the unique and creative ways that people are using PicsToPrint to enhance and personalize their wedding experience, without spending a ton of money in the process.

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PicsToPrint For A Beautiful, Unique, And Inexpensive Wedding

With the average cost of a wedding nearing $26,000, more people than ever are searching for ways to save money while still beautifully celebrating every aspect of the occasion. There are so many options for how to design a wedding, including themes, colors, décor, and accent pieces, and each option creates a more unique and expressive experience. Couples and families are embracing the DIY revolution, and finding that PicsToPrint photo editing software is an inexpensive way to share a truly personalized wedding that reflects all those design decisions. Here are some ideas for how to use PicsToPrint to enhance your wedding:

Wedding announcements and save-the-dates:
Couples are becoming increasingly creative with their wedding announcements, and using photos to announce the date in ways that are truly expressive of their individuality. Cute, romantic, funny; there’s no wrong way for a couple to share their love with family and friends. With PicsToPrint, these photos can be easily transformed into personalized greeting cards, including text and graphics in any style, and sent out to all your loved ones. And of course PicsToPrint can take care of the wedding invitations as well.

Countdown calendar:
For special loved ones or members of the wedding party, the bride and groom can use PicsToPrint to create a calendar that counts down to the wedding date. The calendar can include photos of the couple, maybe with cute childhood photos and candid shots, or favorite places and memories. In addition to noting key dates related to the wedding, like the shower dates or rehearsal dinner, the calendar may also show dates that mark the couple’s journey of love, like the anniversary of a first date or the day they met.

For the bride:
Each of the bridesmaids can use PicsToPrint to create a personalized scrapbook page for the bride, with photos and special memories of their friendship. When the pages are combined, the scrapbook is a beautiful gift for the bride at the bridal shower, and a reminder of how deeply these relationships are a part of her life. It’s a celebration of the love of friends as well as the love between the couple.

For the groom:
Many brides are including boudoir photography in their wedding plans, and using those photos, the bride can create a beautiful custom photobook using PicsToPrint photo book software for commercial printers. She can arrange the photos and add graphics and text to create a truly unique gift for him. A boudoir photo memory book will always remind the groom of how his wife looked on their wedding day.

Stay tuned for part 2, using PicsToPrint to create and preserve unique, beautiful memories during and after the wedding ceremony.

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