PicsToPrint Provides High-End Photo Products To The Underserved

Custom photo products are in high demand across all segments of the population. Photo books, personalized greeting cards and calendars, and large-format printing are all services that people have come to desire. However, when licensing photo book software, many existing software packages and online services simply don’t have the versatility to serve all demographics. PicsToPrint is the only personalized photo product software that is easily adapted to serve the entire population in any deployment.

For example, in the United States alone, 1 in 12 Americans are unbanked. And as many as 36% of adult immigrants don’t have a banking account, and rely on check-chashing services and money orders to complete financial transactions. Many of those people can’t use custom photo product solutions because they require online payment methods, inaccessible to those without a credit or debit card. However, PicsToPrint makes custom, personalized photo products available to everyone regardless of the payment method. With PicsToPrint, print shops and photo labs can now offer these solutions to all of their customers, with whatever payment method works for them.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

In addition, many Americans lack the high-speed internet access that is necessary to use online personalized photo printing services. Six percent of Americans live in areas without access to high-speed internet at all, and up to one hundred million Americans have broadband available but don’t subscribe to it, even though 88% of those non-subscribers have a computer at home. These non-subscribers are likely to be traditionalists; people who use mailed greeting cards, printed calendars, and traditional photo albums, and would welcome personalized photo products. Smart retailers can tap into this market with PicsToPrint’s unique ability to accommodate both online and offline product design and file transfer methods.

PicsToPrint photo book software for print shops provides all of the personalized photo product solutions consumers have come to expect from Dp-labs, and is still the easiest way for people to design their own high-end projects. And only PicsToPrint has the versatility to provide those products and services to all segments of the population, regardless of their banking or broadband status. For a community-based local business, PicsToPrint creates unique new opportunities to broaden your customer base into new demographics and connect with even more potential customers. And PicsToPrint offers an unprecedented ability for businesses to customize the software for their needs and their community, including the ability to continually expand the graphics library over time. PicsToPrint is the custom photo product software solution that can meet your customers wherever they are, and then grow with them over time.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software.


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Introducing PicsToPrint New Lower-Cost Pricing Options

PicsToPrint, the world’s leader in professional, cost-effective photo book software for print shops, introduces exciting new pricing options to fit your business. Now everyone can own the hottest photo product software, and launch a printing business for an incredibly low cost of entry.
Now you can choose from monthly subscriptions starting as low as $39, and expand your business with a host of customized photo products. PicsToPrint enables print shops, minilabs, and small businesses to provide the high-end personalized photo products consumers have come to expect from large, impersonal, online providers. With PicsToPrint, customers can create truly unique calendars, greeting cards, photo books, collages, and more, with local, personalized service that only a small business can provide.
If you want to start or expand your printing business, the best return on your investment is personalized photo product software. As customers embrace the digital imaging revolution, demand for printing outside of the 4×6 box is only projected to increase. Custom photo products are a high-margin, easily marketed product line that is in top demand from today’s tech-savvy consumer.
With PicsToPrint, your customers easily design their own customized products using dozens of different templates and the huge library of included graphics and artwork. Then they add personalized text to make it truly their own, before sending the finished file off to your local print shop for completion. Customers are excited for the opportunity to exercise their creativity, while still receiving the highest quality final products, and the options are endless.
And it’s not just individual consumers who are adopting the photo product trend. Businesses and organizations of all sizes are finding that photo books are a unique way to feature a product or service, while personalized calendars and greeting cards are welcome client appreciation gifts.
PicsToPrint’s new subscription pricing options are designed to grow with your business, and can be changed or cancelled at any time with no penalty. Licensing photo book software has never been easier, since each monthly subscription includes free support and free upgrades. And the included FTP storage space saves the time and money of purchasing and maintaining file storage: the system automatically notifies you of uploads, and can be upgraded at any time.
And, of course, you can always opt to simply purchase a single seat of PicsToPrint for a one-time-only fee, with 12 months of support and upgrades, and the easy 2Gb of file storage included. At $690, it’s still the lowest cost of entry for any comperable software.
Getting started with PicsToPrint is as easy as downloading a fully functional risk-free trial and testing it for yourself. Find out what print shops, labs, designers, and photo businesses are so excited about, and get in on the latest business opportunity for yourself. Try it now!

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Marketing Custom Photo Products: Know Your Customer

If you are a print shop or photo lab seeking to expand into the lucrative custom photo products, it’s important to benefit from research done by larger companies in this marketplace. We know more than ever before about the typical consumer of these products, and what she’s looking for, and it’s important to consider her needs when licensing photo book software.

Personalized photo products are generally created and purchased by women. Women are the archivists of their family histories, and perpetuate memories and traditions through the generations. Women under 30 have grown up with digital photography, and are accustomed to sharing their experiences. They want to exercise their creativity and are inspired by both work and family life. Women over 30 have often inherited their family legacy of old photo albums and memorabilia, and want to preserve and pass on these precious keepsakes, as well as contributing their own unique creativity.

When marketing customized photo products, it’s key to keep these customers in mind and anticipate their wants and needs. Here are some current best practices for photo labs and retailers when marketing personalized photo products:

– Make your website social. Include testimonials, ratings, and social communication. Invite multiple avenues of communication, and offer several ways to share content.

– Streamline your messaging. Simplify language, and focus on the emotional impact of the end product. Remember that she is seeking a way to express her creativity and also care for her family and friends.

– Give the customer ideas and spark her creativity. Share ideas for specific seasons, occasions, or family members. Give resources for new inspirations.

– Most customers who purchase a custom photo book go on to create many more. Use marketing that encourages a trial by offering discounts. Buy one get one offers are proven to be effective, because they encourage shared experiences and repeat business.

– Consider enhancing your custom photo printing business by offering high-quality image capture and restoration services. For the customer who has old family slides or photo albums, the additional digitizing services will be a valuable offering.

Accommodate her schedule. These women are busy, and need to fit these projects in the edges of their schedules. They don’t have time for long file transfers and multiple rounds of correcting errors.

By knowing your customer and considering her needs, a photo business or print shop can offer the personalized services and customization options that she is looking for. Tailoring your marketing to the right customer and encouraging her creativity ensures a long relationship. When considering photobook software for business, consider the needs of both your business and your customer before making this important choice. Download a fully functional free trial of PicsToPrint and expand your services and your marketing today.

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PicsToPrint for the holidays gifts

PicsToPrint photobook software for business is the swiss army knife of the holidays, allowing you to create a wide assortment of unique and special gifts for everyone on your list. PicsToPrint can easily and inexpensively manage so many holiday events and make them special.

Start the season off right with holiday greeting cards. From the comfort of your own home, you can use your photos and text and PicsToPrint’s enormous graphics library to design personalized greeting cards for all your friends and family. It’s a great opportunity to share special images with everyone on your list, and you can have as many or as few holiday greetings as you need, printed with professional quality. Make it a family activity, asking your loved ones to help review and choose the photos you’d like printed.

For your seasonal parties, create customized invitations for all your guests using PicsToPrint. Design party invitations that perfectly set the tone for the event, and carry the theme all the way through the evening. An invitation in the mail is so much more special and personal than an e-invite received online, and they are so easy to make with PicsToPrint.

A personalized PicsToPrint calendar is a perfect holiday gift for everyone on your list. A calendar is always useful and keeps friends and family close throughout the year, and is a great spur-of-the-moment gift well into the new year. Include not only all the national and religious holidays you choose, but you can also note all the important dates and anniversaries for the coming year. Make sure to get plenty of them printed from your local print shop, for unexpected guests. But another great feature of the PicsToPrint software is that you can always print more if the need arises.

Finally, the turning of the year is a great time to plan ahead for future needs. PicsToPrint photobook software for labs includes the ability to create passport and ID photos out of your favorite self-portraits, to put an end to the problem of living with terrible government ID photos. Take the opportunity to review any necessary documents for the coming year, and remember online profile sites as well. Spruce up your professional documents and profiles with the perfect image, and print it exactly as required with PicsToPrint.

The holidays are such a busy time, full of shopping and errands and cooking and parties. And yet they are joyous as well, with friends and family and so many opportunities to renew relationships. Celebrate all your traditions, and create some new ones, with the perfect combination of the ease and simplicity of PicsToPrint in your own home, and the professional high-quality capabilities of a local print shop or photo lab.

Picstoprint photobook software for labs print store.

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PicsToPrint for the holidays: business-to-business

The holidays are a perfect time to reconnect with your customers. You not only get a chance to thank them for their business, but it’s an opportunity to share new products or initiatives, and look back at the year’s successes. PicsToPrint photobook software for business is the perfect tool to create customized holiday greetings for all your customers, and gives the versatility you need to personalize your holidays for every customer.
Review your customer database and seek out your longest-term patrons. These are your most loyal customers, and the backbone of your business. They are the most likely to spread positive word-of-mouth about your business, and cultivating their custom is an important aspect of your longevity. Consider creating a loyalty program to reward them, but even if you don’t have a loyalty program, they will appreciate special “insider” status; you can create sneak-preview or social content just for them. For these special clients, use PicsToPrint to create a custom holiday card and a calendar for the coming year. Remind them of company history by recalling important anniversaries, and personalize your gifts by noting dates in your shared history (the first time they ordered from you, the opening of a new branch, promotions, etc)
For current customers with less of an established history, your holiday recognition should thank them for their business. Create a holiday card just for these customers using PicsToPrint and consider including a coupon for future purchases. Use the opportunity to share new service offerings or products that you hope to launch in the coming months.
While reviewing your customer database, take a look at customers who haven’t done business with you for a while. Take an opportunity to wish them a happy holiday season with a personalized card created with PicsToPrint, and ask for an opportunity to re-earn their business.
Finally, use the holidays as an occasion to introduce yourself to new potential customers. Using PicsToPrint, create a beautiful photo book featuring your services and capabilities, and use it to market yourself to new customers. Take an afternoon and deliver them in person, introducing yourself to potential customers and inviting them to visit your location. A photo book invites browsing, and its marketing impact will last long after the holiday, as people browse through it all year long.
Season’s greetings are an excellent use of an advertising budget, since they are so specifically targeted and trackable. PicsToPrint photo book software for print shops allows your business to inexpensively tailor your seasonal gifts for your entire customer base, and create marketing messages that last well beyond the new year. And PicsToPrint offers a wide range of customizable photo products, suitable for any occasion; consider making PicsToPrint a regular aspect of your promotional and marketing initiatives, and watch your business grow year after year.

picstoprint licensing photo book software , retailers and labs.

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Achieving your goals with PicsToPrint

The new year is always a time for reflection and assessment as we note the passing of time. And so many of us partake in the annual tradition of New Year’s resolutions; losing weight, quitting smoking, and managing debt are among the most popular recurring resolutions. And yet just 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions. Instead of repeating the same old resolutions, here are some steps to create and achieve realistic goals for the coming year.

When setting goals, make sure the goals are “SMART”[1]:

Specific – focused and not ambiguous
Measurable – have an objective outcome
Action-oriented – set specific actions toward the goal
Realistic – consider the difficulty and timeframe and make sure it is attainable
Time-bound – specify deadlines and time frames

Identify an overall goal or goals, and then break the goal into specific actions and milestones. Set deadlines and measure progress in increments.

The best way to keep track of these milestones and deadlines is to create a personalized calendar. Determine daily and weekly actions, and then weekly or monthly deadlines and assess measurements.

A calendar is a great way to keep your goals in mind and consistently track your progress. With PicsToPrint photobook software for business, a personalized calendar can start any month of the year, so don’t feel like January is the only time to set goals and achieve them. A customized calendar that reflects your personal deadlines and milestones acts as a constant reminder of your end goals. And PicsToPrint allows you to use any of your images in your calendar, so you can choose images that inspire and motivate you toward your goal and keep you progressing toward your goal all year long.

And don’t forget to reward yourself! Schedule specific and regular rewards along the way to keep yourself motivated and acknowledge the progress you’ve made. Celebrate each incremental success and honor your journey.

If you find that you’re not progressing as much as you had hoped, don’t just give up and feel like a failure. Reassess your goals and deadlines; were they realistic? Did you set reasonable time frames? Take the time to seriously evaluate the goals and make sure you learn something from the experience. Taking the time to re-evaluate and learn allows you to revise your strategy to be more effective the next time. And using PicsToPrint photo book software for print shops, it’s easy and inexpensive to make a new calendar that reflects your revised schedule.

The best way to accomplish big goals is to be consistent. A visible calendar, with inspirational images, reasonable milestones, and meaningful rewards, is a great way to remind yourself to stay on track and accomplish your ambitions.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software.

[1]              source:

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Decoupage Crafting With PicsToPrint

Decoupage is the art of covering objects with glued paper. Furniture, boxes, and other household items are covered with layers of paper and varnished into place, so that the finished result appears to be a form of lacquer or inlay. Decoupage is an ancient technique, thought to be started in Siberia and then popularized in 12th century China. Through the trade routes, decoupage spread to 17th century Italy and then throughout Europe. Decoupage is enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to modern crafting techniques, and has become a common hobby.
Images for decoupage are commonly cut out of magazines or other source material, but with PicsToPrint photo book software for print shops, you can decoupage with your very own photos and images to create unique and personal works of art. The finished projects can be given as special gifts, or used to create custom home décor.

Some ideas for PicsToPrint decoupage projects might be:

Use PicsToPrint to create a large-format image from your personal photos. Using spray adhesive, mount the finished print onto a board, a piece of sheetrock, or any other flat surface. With Mod Podge or craft glue, layer additional images onto the base image. You can also add fabric or ribbon, using a brayer or other smoother to keep each addition flat and smooth. Add several thin layers of clear varnish over the top to unify the piece and even out the layers. Varnish will transform the look of the finished piece from looking like a scrapbook page into looking like an inlay, and the finished project will be lovely when hung from a wall.

Using PicsToPrint, design a small collage of your favorite images from a trip or vacation. With PicsToPrint, you can also add text that includes the date and the destination. Decoupage the finished image onto the top of a plain wooden craft box. Then layer on additional items that remind you of that journey; ticket stubs, baggage tags, business cards, maps, and additional photos can all be used. As always, apply several layers of thin varnish to the box, until the surface is smooth and has depth. Within the box, you can store all the rest of your memorabilia from that trip; photos, wine corks, trinkets, extra currency… all the little things that may remind you of that trip. The box can be attractively stored on a bookshelf and be easily accessible when you want to remember that trip, and it’s so much nicer than a shoebox in a closet.

Once you’ve mastered the basic tools and techniques of decoupage, you can decoupage just about any object that captures your imagination. Lamps, end tables, tin boxes, and plant pots are all commonly decoupaged objects. And, with PicsToPrint photo book software for labs, not only can you create beautiful decoupage projects out of any object, but you can design unique decoupage out of any of your personal photos.

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Shock And Awe: Customer Retention With PicsToPrint

Digital photography has changed the face of the printing industry forever. While more and more people are taking photos, less and less of those photos are being shared physically, through the traditional means of albums and snapshots. More and more people are sharing their photos via social media without ever going to a print shop. In this modern climate, how can a print shop remain relevant and top-of-mind for today’s digital consumer?

Using PicsToPrint when licensing photobook software is one way that a photo printing business can remain relevant and retain existing customers while creating new ones. The PicsToPrint footprint on a customer’s desktop acts as a constant reminder of the possibility of transforming digital photographs into powerful keepsakes, and stimulates the creativity of the customer.

In addition to the active presence of the software, PicsToPrint creates many new opportunities for customer engagement through the graphics library. A print shop can consistently expand the graphics library to respond to local demand, adding value to the software over time. Not only does this motivate the customer to keep checking to see what’s new, it gives multiple touch points. A print shop can easily publish seasonal newsletters to their customers, reminding them of any new features and offerings within the existing PicsToPrint interface and the tool they are already using.

Furthermore, studies show that once a customer creates and purchases a photo book, they are likely to do so again and again. Sharing project ideas, testimonials, and examples is likely to inspire increased customer engagement and repeat business. Use PicsToPrint to produce your own photo books to show off your capabilities; photo books are a great sales tool not just for your business, but for your business customers to feature a product or service in a compelling way.

PicsToPrint products can even be shared via Facebook, thereby including the social aspect of photo sharing that many traditional print shops are lacking. Customers can use your service, while still having the immediate social engagement and response that they are accustomed to.

Other photobook software for business may do what PicsToPrint does, but no other software gives a business so many options to brand the software, to have persistence on a home computer, and allow such extensive customization options. PicsToPrint gives license holders a powerful tool for expanding their business and increasing customer engagement. And PicsToPrint does it all for an incredibly low cost – just $39 a month gets you started with this powerful tool to grow a printing business, establish a brand, and deliver consistent customer experiences that keep them coming back again and again.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software.

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