Etiquette Made Easy: Thank You Cards with PicsToPrint

Emily Post may bemoan the lack of etiquette in current generations, but the truth is that never has our time been more valuable. The demands of managing a career and family relationships and social obligations can be overwhelming, and it’s often true that old-fashioned gestures go by the wayside. Fortunately, expressing our affection and gratitude to loves ones never goes out of style, and with PicsToPrint photo book software for print stores, it’s even easier.

Etiquette requires the following thank you cards:

A handwritten card expressing gratitude when someone has accepted you as a guest in their home.

A job interview should always be followed with a thank you card. And smart career networkers know that an individually addressed card will make it to the desk of highly-placed professionals who are wary of giving out email addresses.

Any occasion where you have received gifts. These larger events, like birthdays, bridal or baby showers, and, of course, weddings, require a larger number of cards. But with PicsToPrint, your thank you cards can be both customized and high volume.

For a memorable, meaningful thank you card that doesn’t take too much time or break the bank, use PicsToPrint photo book solution for print shops to combine images of the event and friends and family along with your own text to make it special. Combined with our huge graphics library and variety of professional layouts, your cards will look beautiful and be unique to your taste and your event. When sending your PicsToPrint project to your favorite print shop, make sure you talk about envelopes. Most address book programs will export files that your print shop can use to address your envelopes, saving you the time of hand-writing them.

With PicsToPrint, the only labor your writing hand needs to do is to personalize each card to the attendee or gift giver with a sentiment especially for them and sign the card.

In short, don’t think of thank you cards as an unwelcome, tiresome obligation. Think of them as an opportunity to express your affection and your creativity using the time- and money-saving features of PicsToPrint, the award-winning software that makes etiquette easy.

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Why Start A Printing Business?

We’ve all heard the adage that “print is dead” and all content is moving to digital distribution. And yet look around you right now and note the vast quantity of printed material you interact with every day. Signage, menus, brochures, mass mail, birthday and holiday greetings, programs, calendars and planners… print is anything but dead.

A printing business is a great alternative for an entrepreneur with only a small amount of work space. Most print shops employ less than 10 people as software becomes ever more efficient. And many people enjoy the freedom and flexibility of running their own business.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

The first step to getting started with your own print business is to determine what your niche market will be. Do you have particular skills that are valuable in your area? Are their services that other local print shops don’t offer? What differentiates you from your competition?

A great market segment to focus on would be the photo product business. More and more amateur digital photographers and individuals and families are commemorating their lives with personalized photo products like cards, calendars, and photo books. These products are highly in demand, and the customer base has expanded beyond amateurs to include small businesses. Businesses with products or services to promote can benefit from personalized photo products as a powerful marketing tool.

Once you’ve decided what your specialty will be, it’s time to shop for equipment and, perhaps, secure a small-business loan to purchase the best equipment for your needs. And remember that you won’t just need hardware in the form of a computer and a commercial-quality printer; you’ll also need software with the power and versatility to establish your business and impress your new customers.

PicsToPrint has all the features your fledgling business needs, along with personal branding options that make a small enterprise compete with bigger companies. Add in our powerful features and incredibly low cost, and it’s clearly the best way to license photo book software for commercial printers. The team at PicsToPrint is dedicated to your success, so do your homework and start your own photo business today!

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Boost Your Productivity with PicsToPrint

Every one knows the old adage that “time is money.” Now, there’s a revolutionary software solution that saves business owners both time AND money. PicsToPrint allows print shops and photo businesses to get more work done, faster, increasing productivity and revenue. When you start your own photo business with PicsToPrint, our years of experience begin to pay off immediately.

In the past, small businesses had to work with cumbersome tools and follow confusing customer direction. Fonts were missing, color spaces were incorrect, and files weren’t optimized for printing. But now, PicsToPrint advanced technology ensures that the customer gets exactly what they were expecting, every time.

PicsToPrint enables seamless transfer of the project from the customer’s own home computer to the print shop, eliminating the guesswork and allowing customers to create their very own photobooks, posters, calendars, greeting cards and more, personalized for their precise needs. This revolutionary process allows the customer to take as much time as they need to create while still expediting results.

In addition, print shops who use PicsToPrint take advantage of the fully-hosted application, mitigating downtime and support issues, and customers can easily transfer projects both online and offline. And the integrated PayPal payments make sure that providers receive money in a timely and efficient manner, mitigating billing and invoicing issues.

Print shops and photo businesses who adopt the seamless PicsToPrint solution find that they get not only the advanced software features and functions they require, but also the easy integration into their existing branding, processes, and workflows that boosts efficiency and increases returns. PicsToPrint photo book solution for print shops is the comprehensive tool that allows you to maximize your small business, today and into the future!

Download the absolutely free, fully functional demo today and see what PicsToPrint can do for you.

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Creative Professionals are Discovering PicsToPrint

PicsToPrint is the go-to software solution for entrepreneurs looking to start your photo business. But creative professionals across the globe are discovering innovative ways to take advantage of this award-winning software, and enabling exciting new revenue streams for their work.

Our powerful new Superimposition rendering tool makes it even easier for professionals to wow their customers. Photographers now have a powerful array of photo products they can offer their clients, going beyond mere prints to a vast array of beautiful, customized photo products for every occasion. Imagine amplifying your photography business with photo books, greeting cards and invitations, customized calendars, even large-format wall art!

Designers can not only showcase their skills with PicsToPrint’s powerful tools, they can even add their own unique graphics to the existing graphics library, adding value and making every project unforgettable.

And it’s not just the customer who benefits from the range of products and features in PicsToPrint! Creative professionals can also use the software solution to enhance their personal brand, with dazzling, hard-cover portfolios, calendars, and artwork that showcases their talents in a way that impresses clients and customers.

PicsToPrint not only enables a whole new array of possible products and features, but the end results are truly professional quality. Engineered to the specifications of high-end, commercial printers, products created with PicsToPrint never disappoint. Clients, customers, and professionals alike will be impressed with the variety and quality of photo products, not to mention the painless integration into your existing processes and workflows.

So, whether you’re a print shop looking to license photo book software for commercial printers, or a creative professional looking to add to your existing product line and start your own photo business, download an absolutely free demo of PicsToPrint today and see how we can enable your success!

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DIY Home Decor

Pinterest has brought DIY culture front-and-center in social media, with thousands of creative and inspiring images being posted every day. More and more women are seeking ways to express their creativity in crafts, in the kitchen, and in home décor.

Thanks to PicsToPrint photo book software for print stores, anyone can have a Pinterest-worthy room in your home. With our easy-to-use software, you can create perfectly customized large-format wall art that perfectly matches your décor and your personality. Using our huge graphics library, you can choose the backgrounds, fonts, and color scheme that perfectly match your existing décor. Add your own photos and special memories, and you have a work of art that is uniquely expressive of your taste and style.

In a nursery, choose a theme that matches your child’s taste and interests, as well as the existing color scheme. Add your child’s name or birthdate to make it truly special and unique.

In a kitchen, make wall art out of your favorite phrase or saying, to inspire you and your family every day. Add photos that reflect the meaning behind the words.

In an entry or hallway, set the tone for guests, visitors, and your family with a welcoming sentence and images that warm and delight the senses. Chose a color palette that matches your space and showcase your individuality.

In the den or family room, make wall art out of precious family memories, like holidays or celebrations. With PicsToPrint, it’s easy to create a large-scale collage the whole family will appreciate for years to come.

In the bedroom, create a calm and relaxing atmosphere with soothing words and photos, or spice it up with images of love and romance.

PicsToPrint makes it easy to have your whole house reflect your unique taste and style, beautifully. Find a local vendor who uses PicsToPrint photo book solution for print stores and get creative today!

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2015 Forecast: Market Opportunities for Personalized Photo Products

Photo books have seen explosive growth in the past 5 years, increasing market penetration hand-in-hand with digital and smartphone photography. And that growth shows no signs of slowing in the near future. InfoTrends projects that the photo merchandise market will reach $2.2 billion in revenues by 2015, with photo books contributing the greatest to overall revenue and with the largest growth potential in the marketplace.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

According to David Haueter, an Associate Director at InfoTrends, in the 2013 U.S. Photo Printing Survey, survey respondents who had purchased photo books were asked about traditional photo albums. Over 33% of respondents said that photo books had already started replacing photo albums in their homes and another 30% said that they plan to start printing photo books instead of putting prints in traditional albums.

Excitingly, InfoTrends survey data also shows that those who have purchased photo books are likely to be repeat customers. The 2013 Photo Merchandise Survey shows that nearly 80% of photo book buyers said they would “probably” or “definitely” buy photo books again in the next 12 months, with over 43% saying they definitely would.

David points out that for photo product vendors to be success licensing photo book software for commercial printerד, they must:

  • offer competitive photo merchandise products
  • implement marketing efforts to clearly show the benefits of these products
  • constantly look ahead to determine what products their customers will want or what types of new design or product features will appeal to them

Vendors must also be considering how to improve the workflow process that is involved with the creation and ordering of photo merchandise items to make it simpler for their customers.

For those looking to break into this exciting and lucrative market by licensing photo book software for commercial printers, or for professionals looking to start your photo books business, the easiest and most cost-effective way to offer the in-demand products, innovate design, and implement a seamless workflow is to adopt PicsToPrint. PicsToPrint allows print shops and photo businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the explosive growth in this market, and positions them to succeed for years into the future.



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Make PicsToPrint Your Own

PicsToPrint, the leader in customized photo products, doesn’t just specialize in personalized photo books, greeting cards, and calendars. Now a license of PicsToPrint comes with custom business branding options. Small business owners are finding that they can customize their own licensed copy of the PicsToPrint software, ensuring a seamless customer experience and consistent branding, for an incredibly low cost.

Dp-labs has produced a ready-made set of professional tutorial videos, to help store employees and customers make the most of their copy of PicsToPrint. These videos can be linked to from your website, or embedded in your own site to improve customer retention. When licensing photo book software from Dp-labs, these tutorials are provided to you and your customer absolutely free.

And PicsToPrint also comes with a set of set of print-ready promotional templates, to help any business show off all the new services and features offered through PicsToPrint. Simply use these templates, add your own brand, logo, and contact information, and easily produce images and posters that will expand your business virtually overnight. These graphic templates are included in the cost of the PicsToPrint photo book software for labs, at no additional cost.

The huge PicsToPrint graphics library ensures that no two projects are the same, and the graphics packages are expanding all the time. But did you know that PicsToPrint allows you to offer these libraries from your own website, seamlessly serving them to your customers, for free? And as business owners enhance the graphics libraries with their own unique offerings, customers only need to visit your site to get the latest options for their personalized photo products.

But to really make your business shine, enhance your service offerings by adding your business logo, graphics, branding, and contact information to every copy of PicsToPrint that you distribute to your customers. This puts your business front-and-center in a customer’s mind as they are designing their own photo products, and ensures a seamless customer experience from end-to-end of their experience. No other software offers this level of customization, and Dp-labs offers this unique service for a low, one-time cost of $290. Even better, PicsToPrint can be upgraded to a branded version at any time – simply contact customer service to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

All of these customizing options ensure that print shops, photo labs, and small design business owners can easily provide the services of much larger companies. Offer your customers the latest in personalized photo products, the cutting-edge services they demand, and the personal touch of a local business, with the comprehensive branding experience of a large-scale enterprise. PicsToPrint makes it all possible, quickly and more easily than ever before, without a large up-front investment.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software for commercial printers.

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Chic Wall Art Using PicsToPrint

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to dress up your home? Wall art is often expensive, and doesn’t really compliment your home décor. With PicsToPrint photo book software for print shops, you can create truly unique and personal wall art, that’s guaranteed to fit in your home and express your personality. Also, you can customize the size of your art to fit unusual areas and feature the architecture of your living space. Follow these easy steps to create wall art.

1: Choose a photo. Select a high-resolution digital photo that you like. You can edit the photo to have a more interesting composition, or try converting it to black-and-white or sepia tones for a vintage feel.

2: Select a background pattern. You can choose from the PicsToPrint huge graphics library, or get creative and make your own by scanning vintage paper or wallpaper patterns. Or scan a memento from your home – a plane or concert ticket, a restaurant menu or wine label can all make for visually compelling backgrounds.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

3: Layer in other graphic elements. Add a second photo, or images over the top. Layering in images of leaves and flowers can reinforce color themes and add visual interest. You could even add text.

4: Arrange all your elements in a pleasing composition. For selecting matching colors, remember that it’s best to use warm colors with warm colors, and cool colors with cool. Be mindful of the color scheme of the room where you intend to hang your art. Explore complimentary colors on the color wheel. When laying out your art, remember the Rule of Thirds; that it’s best to offset your composition in thirds rather than in the middle, either vertically or horizontally. And note that strong horizontal lines are restful, while strong diagonals are full of energy.

5: Save your finished composition within PicsToPrint, then send the finished file to your PicsToPrint-enabled local print shop. Ask if they can produce the finished image on canvas or textured paper, which can add a lot of interest to the finished piece.

6: Hang your art! The finished piece can be framed in a frame from the craft store, or have it done professionally at a frame shop. Or you can get creative and reuse a thrift store frame, an old window, or layer your work over a mirror. Be mindful that, if your art will be hung in direct sunlight, you may want to invest in UV protective glass to keep the colors from fading over time.

Following these simple steps and using PicsToPrint photo book software for labs will help you create truly unique wall art for your home, that is just the right size and color palette to compliment your décor. Furthermore, customized wall art shows off your personality and your creativity to your guests. And it’s so easy and inexpensive with PicsToPrint!


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PicsToPrint Provides High-End Photo Products To The Underserved

Custom photo products are in high demand across all segments of the population. Photo books, personalized greeting cards and calendars, and large-format printing are all services that people have come to desire. However, when licensing photo book software, many existing software packages and online services simply don’t have the versatility to serve all demographics. PicsToPrint is the only personalized photo product software that is easily adapted to serve the entire population in any deployment.

For example, in the United States alone, 1 in 12 Americans are unbanked. And as many as 36% of adult immigrants don’t have a banking account, and rely on check-chashing services and money orders to complete financial transactions. Many of those people can’t use custom photo product solutions because they require online payment methods, inaccessible to those without a credit or debit card. However, PicsToPrint makes custom, personalized photo products available to everyone regardless of the payment method. With PicsToPrint, print shops and photo labs can now offer these solutions to all of their customers, with whatever payment method works for them.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

In addition, many Americans lack the high-speed internet access that is necessary to use online personalized photo printing services. Six percent of Americans live in areas without access to high-speed internet at all, and up to one hundred million Americans have broadband available but don’t subscribe to it, even though 88% of those non-subscribers have a computer at home. These non-subscribers are likely to be traditionalists; people who use mailed greeting cards, printed calendars, and traditional photo albums, and would welcome personalized photo products. Smart retailers can tap into this market with PicsToPrint’s unique ability to accommodate both online and offline product design and file transfer methods.

PicsToPrint photo book software for print shops provides all of the personalized photo product solutions consumers have come to expect from Dp-labs, and is still the easiest way for people to design their own high-end projects. And only PicsToPrint has the versatility to provide those products and services to all segments of the population, regardless of their banking or broadband status. For a community-based local business, PicsToPrint creates unique new opportunities to broaden your customer base into new demographics and connect with even more potential customers. And PicsToPrint offers an unprecedented ability for businesses to customize the software for their needs and their community, including the ability to continually expand the graphics library over time. PicsToPrint is the custom photo product software solution that can meet your customers wherever they are, and then grow with them over time.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software.


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Introducing PicsToPrint New Lower-Cost Pricing Options

PicsToPrint, the world’s leader in professional, cost-effective photo book software for print shops, introduces exciting new pricing options to fit your business. Now everyone can own the hottest photo product software, and launch a printing business for an incredibly low cost of entry.
Now you can choose from monthly subscriptions starting as low as $39, and expand your business with a host of customized photo products. PicsToPrint enables print shops, minilabs, and small businesses to provide the high-end personalized photo products consumers have come to expect from large, impersonal, online providers. With PicsToPrint, customers can create truly unique calendars, greeting cards, photo books, collages, and more, with local, personalized service that only a small business can provide.
If you want to start or expand your printing business, the best return on your investment is personalized photo product software. As customers embrace the digital imaging revolution, demand for printing outside of the 4×6 box is only projected to increase. Custom photo products are a high-margin, easily marketed product line that is in top demand from today’s tech-savvy consumer.
With PicsToPrint, your customers easily design their own customized products using dozens of different templates and the huge library of included graphics and artwork. Then they add personalized text to make it truly their own, before sending the finished file off to your local print shop for completion. Customers are excited for the opportunity to exercise their creativity, while still receiving the highest quality final products, and the options are endless.
And it’s not just individual consumers who are adopting the photo product trend. Businesses and organizations of all sizes are finding that photo books are a unique way to feature a product or service, while personalized calendars and greeting cards are welcome client appreciation gifts.
PicsToPrint’s new subscription pricing options are designed to grow with your business, and can be changed or cancelled at any time with no penalty. Licensing photo book software has never been easier, since each monthly subscription includes free support and free upgrades. And the included FTP storage space saves the time and money of purchasing and maintaining file storage: the system automatically notifies you of uploads, and can be upgraded at any time.
And, of course, you can always opt to simply purchase a single seat of PicsToPrint for a one-time-only fee, with 12 months of support and upgrades, and the easy 2Gb of file storage included. At $690, it’s still the lowest cost of entry for any comperable software.
Getting started with PicsToPrint is as easy as downloading a fully functional risk-free trial and testing it for yourself. Find out what print shops, labs, designers, and photo businesses are so excited about, and get in on the latest business opportunity for yourself. Try it now!

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