DIY Home Decor

Pinterest has brought DIY culture front-and-center in social media, with thousands of creative and inspiring images being posted every day. More and more women are seeking ways to express their creativity in crafts, in the kitchen, and in home décor.

Thanks to PicsToPrint photo book software for print stores, anyone can have a Pinterest-worthy room in your home. With our easy-to-use software, you can create perfectly customized large-format wall art that perfectly matches your décor and your personality. Using our huge graphics library, you can choose the backgrounds, fonts, and color scheme that perfectly match your existing décor. Add your own photos and special memories, and you have a work of art that is uniquely expressive of your taste and style.

In a nursery, choose a theme that matches your child’s taste and interests, as well as the existing color scheme. Add your child’s name or birthdate to make it truly special and unique.

In a kitchen, make wall art out of your favorite phrase or saying, to inspire you and your family every day. Add photos that reflect the meaning behind the words.

In an entry or hallway, set the tone for guests, visitors, and your family with a welcoming sentence and images that warm and delight the senses. Chose a color palette that matches your space and showcase your individuality.

In the den or family room, make wall art out of precious family memories, like holidays or celebrations. With PicsToPrint, it’s easy to create a large-scale collage the whole family will appreciate for years to come.

In the bedroom, create a calm and relaxing atmosphere with soothing words and photos, or spice it up with images of love and romance.

PicsToPrint makes it easy to have your whole house reflect your unique taste and style, beautifully. Find a local vendor who uses PicsToPrint photo book solution for print stores and get creative today!