Etiquette Made Easy: Thank You Cards with PicsToPrint

Emily Post may bemoan the lack of etiquette in current generations, but the truth is that never has our time been more valuable. The demands of managing a career and family relationships and social obligations can be overwhelming, and it’s often true that old-fashioned gestures go by the wayside. Fortunately, expressing our affection and gratitude to loves ones never goes out of style, and with PicsToPrint photo book software for print stores, it’s even easier.

Etiquette requires the following thank you cards:

A handwritten card expressing gratitude when someone has accepted you as a guest in their home.

A job interview should always be followed with a thank you card. And smart career networkers know that an individually addressed card will make it to the desk of highly-placed professionals who are wary of giving out email addresses.

Any occasion where you have received gifts. These larger events, like birthdays, bridal or baby showers, and, of course, weddings, require a larger number of cards. But with PicsToPrint, your thank you cards can be both customized and high volume.

For a memorable, meaningful thank you card that doesn’t take too much time or break the bank, use PicsToPrint photo book solution for print shops to combine images of the event and friends and family along with your own text to make it special. Combined with our huge graphics library and variety of professional layouts, your cards will look beautiful and be unique to your taste and your event. When sending your PicsToPrint project to your favorite print shop, make sure you talk about envelopes. Most address book programs will export files that your print shop can use to address your envelopes, saving you the time of hand-writing them.

With PicsToPrint, the only labor your writing hand needs to do is to personalize each card to the attendee or gift giver with a sentiment especially for them and sign the card.

In short, don’t think of thank you cards as an unwelcome, tiresome obligation. Think of them as an opportunity to express your affection and your creativity using the time- and money-saving features of PicsToPrint, the award-winning software that makes etiquette easy.