Introducing PicsToPrint New Lower-Cost Pricing Options

PicsToPrint, the world’s leader in professional, cost-effective photo book software for print shops, introduces exciting new pricing options to fit your business. Now everyone can own the hottest photo product software, and launch a printing business for an incredibly low cost of entry.
Now you can choose from monthly subscriptions starting as low as $39, and expand your business with a host of customized photo products. PicsToPrint enables print shops, minilabs, and small businesses to provide the high-end personalized photo products consumers have come to expect from large, impersonal, online providers. With PicsToPrint, customers can create truly unique calendars, greeting cards, photo books, collages, and more, with local, personalized service that only a small business can provide.
If you want to start or expand your printing business, the best return on your investment is personalized photo product software. As customers embrace the digital imaging revolution, demand for printing outside of the 4×6 box is only projected to increase. Custom photo products are a high-margin, easily marketed product line that is in top demand from today’s tech-savvy consumer.
With PicsToPrint, your customers easily design their own customized products using dozens of different templates and the huge library of included graphics and artwork. Then they add personalized text to make it truly their own, before sending the finished file off to your local print shop for completion. Customers are excited for the opportunity to exercise their creativity, while still receiving the highest quality final products, and the options are endless.
And it’s not just individual consumers who are adopting the photo product trend. Businesses and organizations of all sizes are finding that photo books are a unique way to feature a product or service, while personalized calendars and greeting cards are welcome client appreciation gifts.
PicsToPrint’s new subscription pricing options are designed to grow with your business, and can be changed or cancelled at any time with no penalty. Licensing photo book software has never been easier, since each monthly subscription includes free support and free upgrades. And the included FTP storage space saves the time and money of purchasing and maintaining file storage: the system automatically notifies you of uploads, and can be upgraded at any time.
And, of course, you can always opt to simply purchase a single seat of PicsToPrint for a one-time-only fee, with 12 months of support and upgrades, and the easy 2Gb of file storage included. At $690, it’s still the lowest cost of entry for any comperable software.
Getting started with PicsToPrint is as easy as downloading a fully functional risk-free trial and testing it for yourself. Find out what print shops, labs, designers, and photo businesses are so excited about, and get in on the latest business opportunity for yourself. Try it now!