PicsToPrint Provides High-End Photo Products To The Underserved

Custom photo products are in high demand across all segments of the population. Photo books, personalized greeting cards and calendars, and large-format printing are all services that people have come to desire. However, when licensing photo book software, many existing software packages and online services simply don’t have the versatility to serve all demographics. PicsToPrint is the only personalized photo product software that is easily adapted to serve the entire population in any deployment.

For example, in the United States alone, 1 in 12 Americans are unbanked. And as many as 36% of adult immigrants don’t have a banking account, and rely on check-chashing services and money orders to complete financial transactions. Many of those people can’t use custom photo product solutions because they require online payment methods, inaccessible to those without a credit or debit card. However, PicsToPrint makes custom, personalized photo products available to everyone regardless of the payment method. With PicsToPrint, print shops and photo labs can now offer these solutions to all of their customers, with whatever payment method works for them.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

In addition, many Americans lack the high-speed internet access that is necessary to use online personalized photo printing services. Six percent of Americans live in areas without access to high-speed internet at all, and up to one hundred million Americans have broadband available but don’t subscribe to it, even though 88% of those non-subscribers have a computer at home. These non-subscribers are likely to be traditionalists; people who use mailed greeting cards, printed calendars, and traditional photo albums, and would welcome personalized photo products. Smart retailers can tap into this market with PicsToPrint’s unique ability to accommodate both online and offline product design and file transfer methods.

PicsToPrint photo book software for print shops provides all of the personalized photo product solutions consumers have come to expect from Dp-labs, and is still the easiest way for people to design their own high-end projects. And only PicsToPrint has the versatility to provide those products and services to all segments of the population, regardless of their banking or broadband status. For a community-based local business, PicsToPrint creates unique new opportunities to broaden your customer base into new demographics and connect with even more potential customers. And PicsToPrint offers an unprecedented ability for businesses to customize the software for their needs and their community, including the ability to continually expand the graphics library over time. PicsToPrint is the custom photo product software solution that can meet your customers wherever they are, and then grow with them over time.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software.