PicsToPrint For A Beautiful, Unique, And Inexpensive Wedding #2

Part 2: During And After The Ceremony

Part 1 of this post discussed how an engaged couple and their friends and family are using PicsToPrint photo software to create memorable wedding announcements, invitations, and gifts during the important period of time leading up to the wedding ceremony. In part 2, we’ll share some ideas for how to use digital photography and PicsToPrint to create unique gifts and artwork during and after the ceremony.

On the wedding day:
A traditional wedding ceremony comes with tons of items to have professionally designed and printed. The program, the menu, the escort cards and place cards are all ways that PicsToPrint can save wedding planning time and money, and be consistently designed in keeping with the wedding theme, style, and colors.

For the couple:
Traditional wedding photos capture the wedding party and the bride and groom, but not the experience of the wedding itself. A fun idea is to ask guests to take candid photos during the wedding and reception, capturing moments that the bride and groom may have missed. Afterward, these fun and playful photos can be combined using PicsToPrint into a unique scrapbook with well-wishes and blessings, and given to the couple as a keepsake and partner piece to their professional wedding photos.

On the wedding day:
Consider using PicsToPrint to create a large-format collage for an interesting alternative to a traditional wedding guestbook. The couple can make a large format collage of all the guests and ask them to find and sign their own photos when they arrive; it might be fun to use baby photos and make it more challenging. The finished collage will be attractive to display, and more memorable than flipping through a guest book.
Another couple used PicsToPrint to create a large-format collage for display at their weddin. They used photos that reflected the two different life journeys that brought them together, showing where each of them were during different years and including parallel experiences until combining on their wedding day. It was a beautiful way to share their love story with guests.

After the ceremony:
PicsToPrint makes short work of creating beautiful and personal thank-you cards.
And honeymoon photos can be preserved and shared in a beautiful photo memory book, made easy and unique using PicsToPrint photo book software for labs to create a lasting keepsake.

There are so many options available in this versatile software that there is no limit to your creative expression. These are just a few of the unique and creative ways that people are using PicsToPrint to enhance and personalize their wedding experience, without spending a ton of money in the process.

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PicsToPrint For A Beautiful, Unique, And Inexpensive Wedding

With the average cost of a wedding nearing $26,000, more people than ever are searching for ways to save money while still beautifully celebrating every aspect of the occasion. There are so many options for how to design a wedding, including themes, colors, décor, and accent pieces, and each option creates a more unique and expressive experience. Couples and families are embracing the DIY revolution, and finding that PicsToPrint photo editing software is an inexpensive way to share a truly personalized wedding that reflects all those design decisions. Here are some ideas for how to use PicsToPrint to enhance your wedding:

Wedding announcements and save-the-dates:
Couples are becoming increasingly creative with their wedding announcements, and using photos to announce the date in ways that are truly expressive of their individuality. Cute, romantic, funny; there’s no wrong way for a couple to share their love with family and friends. With PicsToPrint, these photos can be easily transformed into personalized greeting cards, including text and graphics in any style, and sent out to all your loved ones. And of course PicsToPrint can take care of the wedding invitations as well.

Countdown calendar:
For special loved ones or members of the wedding party, the bride and groom can use PicsToPrint to create a calendar that counts down to the wedding date. The calendar can include photos of the couple, maybe with cute childhood photos and candid shots, or favorite places and memories. In addition to noting key dates related to the wedding, like the shower dates or rehearsal dinner, the calendar may also show dates that mark the couple’s journey of love, like the anniversary of a first date or the day they met.

For the bride:
Each of the bridesmaids can use PicsToPrint to create a personalized scrapbook page for the bride, with photos and special memories of their friendship. When the pages are combined, the scrapbook is a beautiful gift for the bride at the bridal shower, and a reminder of how deeply these relationships are a part of her life. It’s a celebration of the love of friends as well as the love between the couple.

For the groom:
Many brides are including boudoir photography in their wedding plans, and using those photos, the bride can create a beautiful custom photobook using PicsToPrint photo book software for commercial printers. She can arrange the photos and add graphics and text to create a truly unique gift for him. A boudoir photo memory book will always remind the groom of how his wife looked on their wedding day.

Stay tuned for part 2, using PicsToPrint to create and preserve unique, beautiful memories during and after the wedding ceremony.

Picstoprint photo book software for print shop.

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B2B Applications Of Photo Book Software For business , Photo Labs

When print shops and photo labs expand their service offerings to include personalized photo products, like photo books, the first market that comes to mind is the consumer market. After all, the individual consumer has driven the huge growth in this market for the past several years. But some print shops are discovering the largely untapped business-to-business opportunities that photo books and photo products are beginning to penetrate. When considering purchasing photo book software for photo labs, it would be wise to consider the B2B consumer.
Photo books allow businesses to effectively showcase both their products and themselves, and a professional quality photo book can be an unobtrusive sales tool. Given as a gift to a potential client or partner, the photo book makes a powerful visual statement in lieu of a meeting or presentation.Picstoprint Photo Book Software For business
Photo books can also be distributed at trade shows or conferences, and command high visibility and memorability. A business may choose to print both hardcover and softcover versions of their book, for different distribution methods.
A business may also use photo books not just as portfolio pieces, but as introductions to the organization. A photo book can present an attractive overview of the company, employees, products, and services. Placing the books in waiting rooms and conference areas for guests to peruse is a sophisticated way to share more information about the organization.
Some businesses use a photo book to showcase just a particular product or service. When a presentation or demonstration isn’t possible, a photo book is an engaging way to make a statement about a flagship offering.
Businesses are finding that it is easier and less expensive than they imagined to create custom photo books, and, once the book is created, it can be easily reprinted on demand, or updated and reprinted as desired. They are an excellent investment for the business sector.
When a print shop or photo lab seeks to best serve the business customer, the most important consideration is which photo book software for commercial printers they want to adopt. PicsToPrint is an excellent choice for the print shop working with a business customer, due to it’s ease of use, high quality templates and images, and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. And print shop owners and employees will also appreciate the simplicity of use, compatibility with current processes, and low upfront investment represented by PicsToPrint software. And the low upfront cost is another benefit to both business and consumer customers, as it encourages exploration and adoption.
These are just some ways that the business user is currently using custom photo products; with PicsToPrint, encourage them to also experiment with calendars, collages, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Picstoprint Photo Book Software For business.

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Photo Book Software For Commercial Printers

Commercial printers must continually evolve their business and pursue new markets in order to be successful, and many print shops are increasingly focusing on customized digital photography products. Consumer demand for personalized photo products is high and projected to keep growing into the foreseeable future. Photo books are gaining in popularity, as people are searching for new ways to showcase their personal photos, and want to design their own photo books. Annual growth in the industry is projected to be 23.5 percent through 2014, and InfoTrends reports that these products commonly return a 40 to 50 percent margin for printers. photo book software for print shops
As print shops and photo labs seek to expand into this profitable market, they are met with an array of software options to choose from. The best photo book software for commercial printers is one that not only works well for the professional printer, but also for the amateur consumer who is designing the book. Research shows that customers prefer to design projects on their home computer and then upload the finished project, as opposed to uploading their photos to a website. And people with low-speed internet connections can’t use online service providers at all. However, online reviewers frequently complain about problems and glitches in the finished product that don’t exist in the consumer-facing designs, so the project must transfer seamlessly. Print shops and photo labs need a single, end-to-end solution.
PicsToPrint is an excellent choice in photo book software for commercial printers. PicsToPrint works the way that customers prefer; they design their photo book on their home computer, and then send the finished project file to the print shop for printing. And it eliminates the problems and glitches that can creep into the file transfer process. PicsToPrint can even work seamlessly offline, for customers without high-speed connections.
And PicsToPrint is a great solution for print shops and photo labs as well. It is simple to use, inexpensive, and integrates easily into existing systems and workflows. The many options for custom photo products offered by PicsToPrint allows professional print shops to showcase high-margin options to consumers, at many times the retail price of simply printing photographs. Finally, PicsToPrint even allows print shops to design and distribute their own unique templates and graphics within the existing interface, to increase product offerings over time.
When looking to purchase software in order to grow a custom photo book printing business, a professional printer need look no further than PicsToPrint. It offers the services and options that are in high demand, in a way that consumers prefer, with results that everyone can be proud of.

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Commercial photo books software solutions

Picstoprint Photo Book Software For business

Picstoprint Photo Book Software For business

Many print shops and photo labs are searching for the best commercial photo books software, as they seek to expand into this lucrative market. New research shows that traditional photo printing is in decline, as people choose to share their digital photos online via social media, but demand for printing of photo books is only expected to increase in the coming years. According to InfoTrends, sales of photo merchandise in Western Europe alone is projected to increase from 161 million units in 2011 to nearly 250 million units in 2015.[i] And according to Lyra Research, worldwide gross profits from photo books are projected to reach one third the profits from photo prints by 2014[ii]. And, while digital photo prints typically cost only pennies a page, a photo book page can sell for several dollars, as consumers perceive these books to be high value keepsakes of important life events.

And it’s not just consumers who are discovering the value of personalized photo books. While the traditional market for photo books is women ages 25-45[iii], businesses and social groups are finding that photo books are important marketing tools, showcasing their organizations in powerful new ways. Enterprising print shops are finding new design templates and catering to new business sectors.

As print shops expand their service offerings into the photo book arena, they have many commercial photo books software options to choose from. Unfortunately, many existing software for photo store packages are prohibitively expensive, and many of them are difficult to implement into existing business models. Small photo shops may feel that the initial cost of adopting these tools is too high, and therefore may feel excluded from the new business opportunities afforded by custom photo books.

However, for many of those seeking commercial photo books software, PicsToPrint may represent a simple and affordable way to enter this profitable marketplace.

PicsToPrint has the lowest cost of entry of any commercial photo books software, and allows print shops to not only offer personalized photo books, but a host of customized products, like calendars, greeting cards, collages, and more. Photo labs and print shop owners around the world are adopting PicsToPrint as their software of choice, as it expands their service offerings into untapped markets with a low upfront expense.

Custom photo books are both desirable and profitable, and they are quickly becoming a necessary component of digital photography. As print shops, businesses, and customers find ever new ways to use this technology, the market penetration will only grow over time. PicsToPrint is an easy choice for small printers to enter this lucrative market and be part of the changing face of photography well into the future.




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Flexible Software For Photo Store Owners

When searching for software for photo store products, it’s important to consider not just the short term product, but a long term solution that can grow with your business. The market for personalized photo products is growing and profitable, but is also swiftly changing with technological advances and increasing market penetration, and the ideal software solution needs to be flexible enough to adapt to these changes. Many owners seeking to expand their print shops into the lucrative personalized photo products market are looking for inexpensive software that is easy to use. But can most inexpensive software packages grow with your business and keep pace with the rapidly changing marketplace?
PicsToPrint allows owners of commercial licenses to not only offer their customers hundreds of existing templates, graphics, and options in the home version, but also allows photo stores and print shops to truly customize and localize their product offerings for their particular communities and customer demands. Among existing software for photo store packages, PicsToPrint is the easiest way to create and distribute new photo templates that celebrate local events and holidays that may be ignored by large, one-size-fits-all software solutions. Photo labs can also use PicsToPrint as commercial photo calendar software, creating calendar templates that are specific to the needs of their customers and region. And by offering new graphics and templates over time, print shop owners can expand their business and services by keeping existing customers engaged and coming back again and again.
There is almost no limit to the expansive capabilities of PicsToPrint software for photo store owners. PicsToPrint includes not just customized, personalized calendars and photo identification, but it can also be used to create photo books, scrapbooks, large-format collages, greeting cards, invitations… almost any photo product that your customer could wish for, you can sell easily with PicsToPrint software. But if your customer wants more options, more templates, more graphics, you can just as easily create and add them, assuring them that their custom photo products are truly original. This gives your customer a reason to create a new photo book every year, or greeting cards for every holiday, as the customer experience stays fresh over time and the level of personalization increases.
There is an old adage that it’s easier to keep an existing customer than it is to get a new one. It’s just as true now as it ever was. But most software for photo store solutions don’t have the flexibility to both dial into specialized local, niche markets, and also grow and expand service offerings over time. PicsToPrint is the ideal, inexpensive, flexible software for digital printers who are looking to grow their business into the future, while meeting all their needs today.

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Low Bandwidth Software For Digital Printers

There is a worldwide need for software for digital printers. Digital camera and smartphone use has far outpaced the global penetration of high-speed internet access. All over the world, people are experiencing the digital photo revolution, and there is increasing demand for high quality, archival prints of these personal memories. Unfortunately, existing software solutions that connect the customer to the photo lab rely on high-bandwidth internet access between the two. Many parts of the world, even many parts of the United States, are underserved by high-speed internet access, and there is still an unmet demand for customers to create personalized scrapbook pages, calendars, greeting cards, and the like. Photo labs seeking to serve these customers may have a hard time finding software for digital printers that will expand into this market. However, PicsToPrint photo software for photo labs with flexible, global deployment options, offering fully integrated online and offline solutions.
When PicsToPrint software for digital printers is deployed in a high-bandwidth area, customers can download the home version of the software and use it to quickly and easily create personalized products using their own digital photos. They then post the encrypted file to their photo lab, using ftp or other file sharing services. The photo lab employee downloads the file and opens it in the PicsToPrint commercial version, converts it into a jpg, and can email a proof to the customer before printing it to their specifications.
When PicsToPrint software is deployed in a low-bandwidth area, the process is just as simple, except that the home version software is delivered on a disc, and files are transferred with physical media. PicsToPrint software for digital printers supports both online and offline payment methods as well, allowing photo labs to effectively serve a far greater diversity of customers.
Other bandwidth-independent software on the market is expensive and may be difficult to use, but PicsToPrint is both affordable and simple, and compatible with a wide variety of existing workflows. With PicsToPrint, print shops don’t have to change the way they do business in order to add these specialized products.
Just because your customer is without high speed internet access is no reason for them to go without the creative, personalized photo prints that they demand. People want to be able to transform their digital photos into customized calendars, large-format collages, scrapbook pages, and more. Choosing the right software for photo labs can allow print shops to expand into this growing market and offer high-margin, customized photo products to showcase important memories and experiences forever. PicsToPrint software for digital printers is a flexible, robust, inexpensive software solution suitable to any region, any customer, and any size print shop. Download a free trial now, and see how it works for yourself.

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PicsToPrint licensing photo software expands printing businesses

With PicsToPrint licensing photo software, print shops around the world are finding an effective and inexpensive way to expand their service offerings. Using PicsToPrint, print shops are tapping into the increasing consumer demand for custom digital printing services.
For a generation of enthusiasts, personal photographs are a purely digital experience, and many moments remain unseen and unshared, trapped on an SD card. But people increasingly want those photographs and special memories preserved in print, and are willing to pay a premium to turn their digital photographs into high-quality, finished memory books. These books transform a customer’s digital pictures into showpieces, and print shops are finding new opportunities to meet this demand.
PicsToPrint has an easy interface that customers can use to lay out pictures, text, and graphics in a way that best features their memories and experiences. Then they send the finished file to a print shop, where the professional uses PicsToPrint to open and process the file, printing high-quality customized pages that are exactly what the customer has been looking for. Finished images can not only be printed, but can be shared via email and social media.
Print shops that adopt the easy PicsToPrint licensing photo software process are tapping into new markets and offering the exciting new services their customers demand. PicsToPrint not only includes new opportunities for creating photo memory books and scrapbooks, but also includes the capacity to create custom photo calendars, greeting cards, invitations, and photos for identification purposes. In addition, PicsToPrint users can create large-scale personalized collages.
PicsToPrint also includes the ability for photo professionals to create and distribute their own professionally designed templates and graphics for their customers’ use. A print shop can offer services that are truly unique, targeted to the specific needs of the customer and the community.
PicsToPrint software is also a truly global solution, singularly suitable to a wide range of online and offline communities and capacities. Many print shops struggle to provide quality services in locations with slow bandwidth, or have challenges meeting the needs of unbanked customers, but PicsToPrint is flexible enough to succeed in a wide variety of deployments, and has truly global service potential.
Around the world, communities are finding ever new ways to document and share their experiences. Cameras are available in a tremendous variety of devices, and people are engaging in image-creating, both personally and socially, more than ever before. For photo printing shops, this represents an unprecedented new opportunity for service expansion into the space vacated by film development labs, and finding new ways to differentiate themselves from competitors. PicsToPrint licensing photo software can play an integral role in developing high-value products that customers demand today and into the future.

Picstorptint photo book software solution for labs , retailers and print shops.

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Licensing calendar software for customized calendars

Personalized calendars are incredibly useful, which has many people looking into licensing calendar software, and not just at New Years. More than just a way to mark the passing of time, custom calendars are increasingly popular for people in every walk of life, and have a wide variety of uses. A custom calendar can feature your own photos and images, notable dates, and personalized holidays. And people are using calendar software in increasingly creative ways, as gifts and personal mementos. Here are just a few custom calendar ideas you may enjoy:

Track goals. With a custom calendar, you can set dates and milestones for progress toward a goal. Add photos that inspire and motivate you, and include reminders to reward progress and celebrate accomplishments.

Feature artwork. Using your favorite images and photos in a calendar can enhance your décor. Brighten up a dull workspace with cheerful color, and images of friends and family can lighten up your day.

Share memories. Your licensed calendar software can create a custom calendar to include reminders of significant dates, and photos of memorable events. A calendar given at a wedding can share with loved ones the story of the couple, or friends can look back on old times all year long, despite distance. Use nicknames, and include inside jokes and personal stories to keep loved ones close.

Promote a business or social club. A calendar can act as a year-long portfolio, featuring business capabilities and accomplishments, along with keeping contact info constantly at hand. Social clubs may use a custom calendar as part of a fundraising effort, or just focus on increasing visibility.

Countdown to a milestone. A calendar is a great way to countdown to a significant event, like retirement, graduation, or childbirth. Countdown to a vacation or wedding, and include images and photos to support and inspire people along the way, and cheer someone on toward their finish line.

Honor a loved one. A calendar can feature all the significant events and memorable experiences of a life. Give grandchildren a special gift of memories, photos, and dates from their grandparent’s lives, or create a custom calendar for an award recipient.

These are just a few reasons that people are pursuing licensing calendar software in order to feature their own personal photos, images, and stories. And milestone calendars aren’t just for the New Year; you can start tracking goals or counting down to an important event right now A custom calendar, professionally printed, can be an important keepsake and a fantastic gift for friends, families, colleagues, and customers, building deeper connections between loved ones and communities. Get creative and have fun, and you’ll probably come up with even more ideas and ways to make every day personal.

Picstoprint licensing calendar software for commercial printers , labs and retailers.


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How To Start Your Own Photo Printing Business

If you have a high-quality printer and an entrepreneurial spirit, you may want to start your own small printing business. It’s not as difficult as you think!

Step 1: Practice!

Get some practical experience by printing your own marketing materials. Create and print business cards, brochures, stationary, and signage for your business. The quality of your own printed collateral will show your potential customers what they can expect from your work, and give an example of the kinds of services you’re prepared to deliver, so make it your best.

Step 2: Keep records.

Picstoprint Photo Book Software For business

Picstoprint Photo Book Software For business

During the production of all your business marketing materials, keep very accurate records of your time, and of any consumables, such as paper stock and ink or toner consumption. Your own experience and the records you keep during the practice phase will help you price your services for your customers. You need to keep records in order to determine what you should your customers charge in order to make a profit.

Step 3: Service.

It’s time to start connecting with potential customers and find out what services they really want and are willing to pay for. Many people are comfortable printing their own text documents at home, but want high-quality prints of their photos. It may be wise to specialize in a photo business, where you focus on helping your customers get the most from their own digital photos, which too often languish unseen on memory cards. There is increasing demand for customized photo books, to replace old fashioned photo albums.

Step 4: Software.

You probably have basic software that you used to create your marketing materials, but once customers start requesting specialty services, it may be time to invest in specialty software. Software can be extremely expensive; make sure to factor the cost into your price structure. You can also look into licensing photo book software, which can enable you to meet your customer’s needs with a low upfront investment. A solution like PicsToPrint may be a good fit for your small photo business.

Step 5: Expand!

Once you have some experience and a few customers, it’s time to look into growing your business. If you haven’t yet established a business location and expanded your marketing efforts, it’s probably time. Some low-cost ways to increase business can include offering your customers loyalty discounts, participating in social media, and asking your customers and friends to help spread the word.

Of course you’ll need to secure the necessary permits and licenses for wherever you live, and comply with any local regulations, but it really isn’t that difficult or expensive to start your own photo printing business from home. We hope that these tips inspire you to get started today.


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