Preserving A Family Legacy Through Photobooks

No matter how times change, the need for families to preserve and share their unique history is timeless. People are always looking for the best way to celebrate special family events, share their history, and welcome new family members. No matter which photo book software for print store you choose, digitally printing your photobook is the most efficient and cost-effective option.
Photo albums can be a nice keepsake, but it’s expensive and time-consuming to print digital photographs and create albums. Most families only have one set of albums for this reason, which limits sharing.
Sharing photos socially is a great way to commemorate good times with friends, but doesn’t have the impact of a physical album, and they can be difficult to retrieve and organize later on.
And scrapbooks are beautiful memory keepsakes, but it’s expensive and challenging to produce multiple copies for the whole family.
This is why more and more people are turning their digital photographs into beautiful photo memory books, sharing their family history in a way that is both special and easy to distribute.

When creating a photo book, the options are endless, and the choices reflect the unique story of the family and the aesthetics of the person creating the album. But here are some creative options to consider for family photographs:
– When taking portraits of children, get close, and then get closer. Extreme closeup portraits are interesting and attractive, and eliminate potentially distracting background elements.
– Take a photograph of a daughter dressing up in mom’s wedding dress, or a son in dad’s tuxedo, and then share the photograph on their wedding day.
– Repeat elements over time. Take a photograph every year with the same interesting object or accessory; or replicate places and poses.

Organizing a family photobook chronologically is natural. But feel free to get creative and choose a theme instead. Popular themes include school, weddings, holidays, birthdays, and vacations. Each family member could have a book devoted to them, in addition to shared images of the group together. This is just another way that digitally organizing your photos into a book is easy and convenient; using the same images in multiple contexts is easy and inexpensive.
– To add visual interest, remember to scan handwritten notes, and cocktail napkins. Take additional photos of children’s drawings, matchbook covers, wine labels, ticket stubs, and baggage claim tickets. Having these little details available not only adds visual interest to the photobook, but makes the experience more personal.
– Start with images that are as high a resolution as possible; that way you preserve image quality by scaling down, instead of losing quality by scaling up. Compiling high-quality images is much easier when working off your own computer, as opposed to uploading them to an online service; it can be time-consuming and frustrating to upload so many high-resolution files. The best photo book software for retailers will support the home user working locally.
– When it comes time to print your book, remember to print enough copies for everyone who will want one of their own. The whole family can keep these precious keepsakes to remember special events and moments.

And most importantly, have fun! This is an opportunity to express your creativity and design something that expresses the unique personality of yourself and your family.

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B2B Applications Of Photo Book Software For business , Photo Labs

When print shops and photo labs expand their service offerings to include personalized photo products, like photo books, the first market that comes to mind is the consumer market. After all, the individual consumer has driven the huge growth in this market for the past several years. But some print shops are discovering the largely untapped business-to-business opportunities that photo books and photo products are beginning to penetrate. When considering purchasing photo book software for photo labs, it would be wise to consider the B2B consumer.
Photo books allow businesses to effectively showcase both their products and themselves, and a professional quality photo book can be an unobtrusive sales tool. Given as a gift to a potential client or partner, the photo book makes a powerful visual statement in lieu of a meeting or presentation.Picstoprint Photo Book Software For business
Photo books can also be distributed at trade shows or conferences, and command high visibility and memorability. A business may choose to print both hardcover and softcover versions of their book, for different distribution methods.
A business may also use photo books not just as portfolio pieces, but as introductions to the organization. A photo book can present an attractive overview of the company, employees, products, and services. Placing the books in waiting rooms and conference areas for guests to peruse is a sophisticated way to share more information about the organization.
Some businesses use a photo book to showcase just a particular product or service. When a presentation or demonstration isn’t possible, a photo book is an engaging way to make a statement about a flagship offering.
Businesses are finding that it is easier and less expensive than they imagined to create custom photo books, and, once the book is created, it can be easily reprinted on demand, or updated and reprinted as desired. They are an excellent investment for the business sector.
When a print shop or photo lab seeks to best serve the business customer, the most important consideration is which photo book software for commercial printers they want to adopt. PicsToPrint is an excellent choice for the print shop working with a business customer, due to it’s ease of use, high quality templates and images, and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. And print shop owners and employees will also appreciate the simplicity of use, compatibility with current processes, and low upfront investment represented by PicsToPrint software. And the low upfront cost is another benefit to both business and consumer customers, as it encourages exploration and adoption.
These are just some ways that the business user is currently using custom photo products; with PicsToPrint, encourage them to also experiment with calendars, collages, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Picstoprint Photo Book Software For business.

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Low Bandwidth Software For Digital Printers

There is a worldwide need for software for digital printers. Digital camera and smartphone use has far outpaced the global penetration of high-speed internet access. All over the world, people are experiencing the digital photo revolution, and there is increasing demand for high quality, archival prints of these personal memories. Unfortunately, existing software solutions that connect the customer to the photo lab rely on high-bandwidth internet access between the two. Many parts of the world, even many parts of the United States, are underserved by high-speed internet access, and there is still an unmet demand for customers to create personalized scrapbook pages, calendars, greeting cards, and the like. Photo labs seeking to serve these customers may have a hard time finding software for digital printers that will expand into this market. However, PicsToPrint photo software for photo labs with flexible, global deployment options, offering fully integrated online and offline solutions.
When PicsToPrint software for digital printers is deployed in a high-bandwidth area, customers can download the home version of the software and use it to quickly and easily create personalized products using their own digital photos. They then post the encrypted file to their photo lab, using ftp or other file sharing services. The photo lab employee downloads the file and opens it in the PicsToPrint commercial version, converts it into a jpg, and can email a proof to the customer before printing it to their specifications.
When PicsToPrint software is deployed in a low-bandwidth area, the process is just as simple, except that the home version software is delivered on a disc, and files are transferred with physical media. PicsToPrint software for digital printers supports both online and offline payment methods as well, allowing photo labs to effectively serve a far greater diversity of customers.
Other bandwidth-independent software on the market is expensive and may be difficult to use, but PicsToPrint is both affordable and simple, and compatible with a wide variety of existing workflows. With PicsToPrint, print shops don’t have to change the way they do business in order to add these specialized products.
Just because your customer is without high speed internet access is no reason for them to go without the creative, personalized photo prints that they demand. People want to be able to transform their digital photos into customized calendars, large-format collages, scrapbook pages, and more. Choosing the right software for photo labs can allow print shops to expand into this growing market and offer high-margin, customized photo products to showcase important memories and experiences forever. PicsToPrint software for digital printers is a flexible, robust, inexpensive software solution suitable to any region, any customer, and any size print shop. Download a free trial now, and see how it works for yourself.

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