Why Start A Printing Business?

We’ve all heard the adage that “print is dead” and all content is moving to digital distribution. And yet look around you right now and note the vast quantity of printed material you interact with every day. Signage, menus, brochures, mass mail, birthday and holiday greetings, programs, calendars and planners… print is anything but dead.

A printing business is a great alternative for an entrepreneur with only a small amount of work space. Most print shops employ less than 10 people as software becomes ever more efficient. And many people enjoy the freedom and flexibility of running their own business.

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

Picstoprint licensing photo book software

The first step to getting started with your own print business is to determine what your niche market will be. Do you have particular skills that are valuable in your area? Are their services that other local print shops don’t offer? What differentiates you from your competition?

A great market segment to focus on would be the photo product business. More and more amateur digital photographers and individuals and families are commemorating their lives with personalized photo products like cards, calendars, and photo books. These products are highly in demand, and the customer base has expanded beyond amateurs to include small businesses. Businesses with products or services to promote can benefit from personalized photo products as a powerful marketing tool.

Once you’ve decided what your specialty will be, it’s time to shop for equipment and, perhaps, secure a small-business loan to purchase the best equipment for your needs. And remember that you won’t just need hardware in the form of a computer and a commercial-quality printer; you’ll also need software with the power and versatility to establish your business and impress your new customers.

PicsToPrint has all the features your fledgling business needs, along with personal branding options that make a small enterprise compete with bigger companies. Add in our powerful features and incredibly low cost, and it’s clearly the best way to license photo book software for commercial printers. The team at PicsToPrint is dedicated to your success, so do your homework and start your own photo business today!